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Race and Ethnicity in Education
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How can we close the achievement gap???

Based on these readings, it is evident that both the teacher and student need to be addressed in today's educational reform. The teacher must be properly trained to deal with all types of students, situations and environments.  The student must feel that their individual needs are being met, and that the education they are receiving has worth.

Working towards closing the gap means not just using a vouchers system, it requires a complete alteration of our system. Notice for instance, the money it takes to increase a class’s success in reading. To decrease the class size is around $636 per student, but putting in new technology is only $86 (Mann). Both decreasing the class size and the new technology achieve the same result, but one is significantly less costly. So what will it take to alter our educational system? Things such as technology in every classroom, connecting students’ lives outside the educational environment to what is going on inside, awareness of individual differences and a true drive for seeing every student succeed.